About Us

We have been making high quality formal & casual garments for the elegant man since early 90’s.

Refined classicism and a touch of technical virtuosity are keynotes of our brand, inspired by Neapolitan tailoring, we created our models on contemporary modern lines with the objective to form garments worn with unrestricted ease.

In our workshop the cutters turn gorgeous fabrics into bespoke pieces, made to measure and ready to wear collections, attention to detail, perfection of cut and typical soft Neapolitan construction are the true heritage of the company.

From the earliest days we have dared to experiment with different techniques and push the traditional style boundaries with subtle details like an aggressive mappina, hand stitched buttonholes and a particularly notable effortless fit.

We like to "wear" elegance lightly while pushing the traditional wardrobe codes to make an own style statement.

The Neapolitan flair is always there, present in each suit, in each jacket, in each coat and in each detail.

We offer today's well-dressed man the best expression of modern tailoring. 

Our Ready-to-Wear collection conceived from hand-made craftsmanship, high quality fabrics and a modern touch has been recognized and praised by many prestigious sartorial retailers.

Our famous fit offers an unrivaled freedom of movement, which refines the body figure.

Details like hand sewn buttonholes, dropped notch height, slightly broadened lapel and other stylistic devices perfectly symbolize our spirit as a true Men's tailoring company.

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